MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better
MELSERVO-JET is a servo system that offers simplicity, connectivity, usability, and advanced vibration suppression control for enhanced machine performance and efficiency.

Servo amplifier

These versatile servos can be used in a variety of applications that require fast, high-precision movement. They offer several major advantages:

Product Advantage: Simplicity for Clean and Compact Designs

  • Compact footprint with top and bottom wiring to save space and simplify wiring routes
  • Unified unit heights and depth across all capacity drives for streamlined design

Connectivity for Flexible System Configurations

  • 1 Gbps CC-Link TSN based motion for time synchronization across all connected devices, including servo amplifiers, motion modules, I/Os, PLC, etc.
  • CC-Link IE TSN facilitates IoT infrastructure across the manufacturing enterprise
  • Multinetwork connectivity with compatibility with EtherCAT®, allowing for a communication cycle of 125s

 Usability for Quick Operation Start

  • Instant start-up tuning to enable smooth and instant machine operation
  • One-Touch Tuning function for optimal performance and reduced settling time without requiring tuning experience
  • Advanced Vibration Suppression Control II™ effectively suppresses vibration on load and machine base, enhancing high-response motion and improving productivity in a multi-inertia mechanism

Rotary servo motor

The HG-KNS and HG-SNS series are a great solution in conditions requiring high precision, such as machine manufacturing. Rotary motors (HG-KNS and HG-SNS) are equipped with an encoder with a resolution of 4,194,304 pulses per revolution, which allows for more accurate positioning.

These servo motors are available from 100 W to 3 kW in the 200 V AC class. Different motor designs allow users to select the best motor characteristics for their application.

Servo amplifier

Compatible with CC-Link IE TSN and EtherCAT® interface.

Rotary servo motor

Equipped with a 4,194,304 pulses/rev encoder. Ranges from 100 W to 3 kW in 200 V AC class. HG-KNS and HG-SNS Series.