MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better
The High-Performance Teaching Box (R86TB) offers a comprehensive solution that combines enhanced functionality, easiness to use and cost reduction. Making your automation processes more efficient and cost-effective.


Stress-free operability

Improved processing speed and large 10.1” high-definition display allows stress-free and flexible operability​. The TB offers still secure physical buttons for tactile and consistent operation.​

Easy to operate, intuitive user interface​

Frequently used functions such as programs and parameters are always displayed, and each function can be accessed from any screen by icons.​

The R86TB is usable for a wide range of users, from robot programming beginners to experienced users, thanks to easy program edit functions and parameter settings. The screens can be customized to suit the role of production engineering, maintenance staff, operators, etc

Equipped with major functions of robot engineering software RT Toolbox3​​

By providing the similar interface of RT3, allows users quickly leverage their existing knowledge and skills when using R86TB. Settings of safety logic, monitoring of signals, variables, and load conditions, and more features can be utilized with just this TB.​

3D Monitor with display layout​

The R86TB includes a state-of-the-art 3D monitor with display layouts created by RT3. The robot's movement can be visualized and checked in a 3D mode and providing a comprehensive view of the operation. The set parameters and areas like safety areas can be shown on the 3D monitor screen for easy verification.

Early and easy troubleshooting ​

The oscillograph and various monitor and analysis screens make it possible to perform trouble diagnosis and achieve early troubleshooting without a PC. Additionally, it provides a comprehensive monitor for predictive maintenance data, enabling proactive identification of potential issues. This proactive approach helps reduce maintenance costs by addressing problems before they escalate.​​

Backward Compatibility​

The R86TB offers backward compatibility with older robot series and allows users to integrate it Box seamlessly in any existing robotic systems , which minimizing expenses while maximizing productivity.​

Compatible Controllers

Compatible ControllersDescription
CR800 and CR700 seriesWith extension cable, Model: 2F-32EXTBST-☐☐M (☐☐: 01, 05, 10, 15m) CR751: Conversion cable required (Conversion cable model: 2F-32CON☐☐M (☐☐: 01, 05, 10, 15m)