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Process Management System

PMSX®micro allows users to operate, control and observe small plants, machines, processes or continuous production flows. The plant status, which enables a good overview of the plant at all times, is represented using process graphics. The plant is operated via operating graphics, which reproduce the detailed state of aggregates and make operation easy and convenient. If alarms or messages occur, the operator can navigate quickly and directly to the relevant process graphic, resulting in prompt and targeted response.

PMSX®micro has a full alarm and event system, which records all alarms and messages, displays them and stores them in a database in their correct sequence. This enables process flows to be traced in the event of disturbances or following changes. The operator can add annotations and comments about events or objects, which are then also available for sub- sequent analysis.

The data collected during operation can be viewed as an operator logbook, thereby highlighting all relevant data during production. Analog data such as measurements or counter readings, but also states such as On or Off can be stored in an archive and evaluated at any time.

Features PMSX®micro

  • PC standalone solution
  • Operating and observing
  • Alarm and event system
  • Control
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Many analysis options
  • Maintenance system built-in
  • Operator Logbook
  • Engineering possible by end users and Sis
  • Cost-efficient, one-time main licence costs only

Your benefits

  • Control system on an industry-computer
  • Full functionality of a control system (DCS)
  • Cost-efficient, as only one-time main licence required
  • Proven and mature solution
  • Particularly durable industry-computer hardware
  • Complete DCS incl. network and automation station
  • User-friendly operation
  • Special feature: It is possible to expand the system subsequently into a larger control system.