MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Next-generation spindle motor, equipped with high speed and high efficiency

High-performance New Type Spindle Motors SJ-D Series High-performance Spindle Motors SJ-V Series Low-inertia,High-speed Spindle Motors SJ-VL Series Tools Spindle Motors HF-KP/HF-SP Series Built-in Spindle Motor SJ-BG Series IPM Spindle Motor

High-performance new type spindle motors SJ-D Series

The motor energy loss has been significantly reduced by optimizing the magnetic circuit.

SJ-DG Series

High-output, High-torque Spindle Motor The addition of S3 rating (%ED rating) has improved output and torque acceleration/deceleration characteristics.

Low-inertia, high-speed spindle motors SJ-DL Series

Tapping machine-dedicated spindle motors have joined the new spindle motor line SJ-D Series in an effort to speed up drilling and tapping.

SJ-BG Series

Built-in Spindle Motor The electrical design has been optimized to increase the continuous rated torque per unit volume, contributing to the downsizing of spindle units.

HG-JR Series

Compact tool spindle motors are designed to have the small, high-output characteristics of servo motors, but yet they offer high-speed rotation (8,000r/min). These motors contribute to lowering the spindle size, for example for rotary tool spindles.

High-performance spindle motors SJ-V Series

A vast range of spindle motors is available, all ready to support diversified machine tool needs.

Low-inertia, high-speed spindle motors SJ-VL Series

The spindle dedicated to tapping machines requiring faster drilling and tapping.

Tools spindle motors HF-KP/HF-SP Series

Taking advantage of the characteristics of a servo motor such as smallness and high-output, this motor serves as a compact and high-output spindle motor which is capable of high-speed rotation (6,000 rpm).

IPM Spindle Motor

In answer to demands for downsizing and higher efficiency, an IPM motor has been introduced for further energy savings.