MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Daha İyiye Yönelik Değişiklikler
MELFA Smart Plus is an option that brings next-generation intelligence to MELFA FR series robots.

Predictive maintenance function

Failing drive parts are detected before abnormalities in robot behavior become apparent. Downtime of production equipment is reduced.

Preventive maintenance function

Tracking the robot's operating status helps managing the robot's condition. Maintenance is now even more efficient.

Enhancement function for force sense control

Parameters for the optimum operation pattern are found by training in a short amount of time. Set-up and tact times of a force sensor are reduced.

MELFA-3D Vision enhancement function

Reduced startup time of the MELFA-3D vision thanks to automatic parameter adjustments which utilize our proprietary AI technology "Maisart".

Calibration assistance function

Easy set-up of 2D vision sensors and improved job precision. Time-consuming teaching is automated improving also the accuracy.

Coordinated control of additional axis

Coordinated operation between the robot and an additional axis makes it possible for the robot to work on workpieces that exceed its operating range.

Robot mechanism thermal compensation function

Compensates for thermal expansion of the robot arm to increase position accuracy.